Abby & Chad – Morton Arboretum Engagement Photos


January 12, 2018

I have to say I’ve never had a bride ask me to be her bridesmaid at one of my consultations before.  But the moment Abby cracked that I joke I loved her immediately.  In fact, I drove home from our coffee date that night and told my husband – I don’t know if they’ll invite me to be their wedding photographer, but maybe they’ll let me be their friend?  HA!  Abby and Chad’s chemistry is truly contagious. I can only imagine the laughter that will fill their home from years to come.  And I am so excited to be part of their celebration at The Monte Bello Estate this Fall!  This is going to be a gorgeous wedding.  Stay tuned!

Let’s give these Nevada dwellers a round of applause for enduring sub-freezing temperatures and looking absolutely gorgeous in the process!

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